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Financial Literacy Training for Businesses

A comprehensive ‘Business Finance 101’ course for owners and managers. Delivered over a 5 week period in one hour increments, we cover everything that business owner should know before sending a single invoice. Topics cover The Balance Sheet, the Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows (the big three), using debt and equity as financing tools, using excess capital, and risk management. An additional module covers business entity types and the pros and cons of each.

Financial Analysis

For more mature businesses, we offer financial reporting and analysis, letting business owners and managers have a deeper look at the financial health of their business. Business owners might have questions about profitability, product mix, client concentration and profitability, or segmentation. We can help business owners with their financial and business ‘blind spots’ to drive the next level of success.

Growth and Exit Planning

For business owners that are eventually looking to exit, we offer a multi-part business assessment, including business readiness and attractiveness, owner readiness, benchmarking current and potential sale values, as well as a series of recommendations for future actions to ensure maximized values.

Customized Services

What are you looking for? Do you have a burning question about your business? A problem that has baffled you? Are you looking for an unbiased business case for an acquisition or new product? Do you want to enhance the financial literacy of your workforce for better alignment? Let’s talk!