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About Us

Our Vision

At Cresscila, we use education, optimization and vision to help small business owners and operators create value. In working with our clients we empower business owners to transform their blind spots – the things they don’t know they don’t know – into opportunities. Our clients become competent managers who know how to evaluate the health and profitability of their firm, see opportunities and threats in the marketplace, and thrive where others will fail. Their success comes from their ability to clearly set goals, confidently evaluate performance against objectives, and transparently partner with employees and stakeholders on achieving them.

Who We Help:

  • New emerging businesses looking to get the right start on their financial knowledge and readiness
  • Businesses in need of capital because they are looking to expend, take advantage of a compelling market opportunity, or to just enhance cash flow
  • Firms experiencing growth that needs to be controlled – Is your customer base becoming unwieldy? Is all of your time being occupied by low value clients, at the expense of your best ones?
  • Organizations with excess capital – Perhaps you’re looking to expand, or find other ways to deploy your extra funds
  • Companies entertaining an unsolicited offer to sell – how will you know if the offer is a fair one?
  • Risk management – how would the sudden loss of a key employee or manager impact your results? What is in place to keep the firm running smoothly?
  • Businesses that are looking to sell – Perhaps you’ve reached the point where you’ve had enough. What steps can be taken to prepare you and your firm to be attractive to the market?

What We Provide:

  • Financial literacy training that will help a new business have confidence in recognizing and evaluating financial reporting, and recognize issues before they become real problems.
  • An independent assessment of opportunities when considering the deployment of excess capital
  • Analytics to help with decision making to evaluate potential opportunities in the marketplace
  • A system and process for evaluating and executing an optimal exit, sale or transition in order to maximize value and potential for future success
  • A business review that gives a ‘fresh look’ at operations and results to unearth opportunities and ways to optimize with an eye toward value creation and profitability enhancement.
  • Coaching and advice on how to help a successful business owner move onto their ‘Next Act’ with joy, freedom and excitement for the next phase of their life.
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Our Founder

Chuck McDonald started Cresscila in 2024 after a 20+ year career in wealth management. As an advisor on a top team, he was responsible for working in many areas of running the practice, including marketing, sales, client optimization, compliance and staffing and spent as much time working on the business as working in it. After 20 years in that role, he came to the realization that he wanted something different. Chuck wanted to stretch his network and potential client base beyond the people who could simply afford the service. Like so many of the families he helped transition through their own retirement, Chuck was ready for a new chapter in his own life, inspired by the successes, and educated by the cautionary tales of those he had worked with over 20 years. He launched Cresscila with the idea that successful entrepreneurs with great products and services, armed with some basic knowledge and the ability to ask the right questions, can transform their profitability, their results, and ultimately, their lifestyle as they grow and create success beyond what they ever thought possible. Chuck is a Certified Financial PlannerTM and a Certified Exit Planning Advisor.